About IceSmile

IceSmile has been the leading Cosmetic Teeth Whitening clinic in Hertfordshire for the last 7 years and combines these years of expertise and knowledge with our highly trained Dentist and team. As part of BeauSynergy and the Harley Street Beauty Group, IceSmile provides the best in Aesthetics and cosmetic Dentistry which leads to the best levels of customer care, service and treatment results.

Located just north of London, in Hertfordshire between Barnet and St Albans, we are able to look after patients from the surrounding areas like Luton, Stevenage, Welwyn Garden City and Watford. We pride ourselves on being a source of comfort, reassurance and confidence to our clients through the services we provide and continually evaluate the science of our treatment protocols to ensure that you receive treatments which are scientifically proven to be safest and most effective.

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What people say about those our service.

Tranquil calm environment. Nice place to be. Oh and happy with results.

Jim Blancho

Really pleased with outcome. Staff friendly and knowledgeable.

Greta Shelly

"I had a lovely experience. They really put me at ease. I was thrilled with the whitening results. I got a good few shades lighter to the top of the scale. I will definitely revist.”